In the greenhouse industry, the invention of systems to reduce energy consumption, lower maintenance costs, and more efficiently utilize existing structures has helped grower-owners cope with these challenges to profitability.  Ludy “reskin” projects improve value, upgrade appearance and significantly reduce costs.  The Ludy-Lite and Wood-Lite systems include specially designed aluminum extrusion for rafter bars, top and bottom closures, gable end rafters and vents.  Typically, barcaps and glass are removed from the existing house and the rafters are cleaned of putty and caulking.  Ludy-Lite adapters are fitted to the rafter and new glazing material is laid in place. The top of the rafter is sealed with a Ludy-Lite barcap.

or example, let Ludy replace your current glazing with non-toxic UV-stable acrylic.  With a “no-yellowing” 30 year guarantee, this eco-friendly glazing product will save you money for years to come.  Acrylic structured sheet offers superior energy savings, proven hail protection, condensate control and the highest, most even light transmission available.  The acrylic product is made without using harmful chemicals and can be recycled for use in making other consumer goods.  Or choose polycarbonate that offers a 99.9% UV block.  It’s impact resistant and offers a 10 year warranty for condensation control.  In structured sheet or corrugated, you can choose the best application for your greenhouse.

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